Our programs run during
all adult worship celebrations.

Parents are able to focus

on their worship

knowing that their children

are well cared for
by our trained team

of trusted adults.

We believe that

the two greatest influences
in a child's life are
the home anD the church. 

Instead of just being a place for

children to come and hear about Jesus, 

we desire to partner with the home
to communicate eternal truths
about the faith.

When the church and the home partner together, 

we provide a stronger

spiritual influence in the life

of the child.   

God's Little House

(Little Ones From Birth to K5)

In God's Little House we teach children: 

  • God made me
  • God loves me
  • Jesus wants to be my
    forever friend

Our nursery, toddler and preschool programs are staffed with loving, highly skilled volunteers eager to share
God’s love in a way children
can understand.

Each age-graded classroom is
specially designed to fit your
child’s needs as they experience

a safe learning environment
suited just for them!


Children grades 1st - 5th

iKidz offers a high energy, fun format that creates a place where children in grades 1-5 want to get involved! Each service, children will be engaged as they learn Bible truths through object lessons, skits, games and praise & worship. 

Children are taught as a large group as well as within age appropriate

(1st-3rd & 4th-5th) small groups.

Our goal is to help kids say

three basic things: 

  • I will make THE wise choice
    to trust Jesus
  • I will trust God no matter what
  • I will treat others the way
    they want to be treated