We Are Currently Holding Live Services

We are currently holding live services on campus, but things may look and work a bit differently. This page will house all of the current information on what to expect when you join us on campus for live services.

Here’s What to Expect


Our Worship Center

Following are a few general points, relating to the practices that we see and hear recommended, by our health agencies.  Our goal is to help create an atmosphere for a truly authentic worship experience.  We want to minimize any potential physical harm or impairment in the process.  
– We have sized our seating in the Integrity Worship Center to requested guidelines of 50% of capacity as allowed by fire code (134 people). 
We have spaced our rows of chairs to six feet between those rows.  We recognize that families, and even close friends, may choose to sit together in chairs beside each other.  However, we ask that you allow a couple of chairs between your family / friend unit and the folks next to you on your row.
– We will be using separate worship center entrance and exit routes.  We are asking everyone to enter the worship center space by turning left when you enter through the front door, and going into the worship center through the door near the sound booth.  We will ask everyone to leave the worship center through the other door on the opposite side of the worship center.  There will be signs posted to help with this flow of traffic.
– Integrity family members will obviously be welcome to wear masks.  We will have some masks available for those who may not have them. 
– Should you not feel comfortable getting out and coming to the campus, there will be live viewing capabilities through our primary platforms on YouTube and Facebook.  We certainly encourage you to view the services – even if you are not physically with us.
– In addition to the live service in our worship center, we will be having the service live and streamed in real time into the screens in the Conference Center lobby, and in Conference center rooms A and B.  This may be the best options for Integrity family members who may be more comfortable in smaller crowds, and who still want to come to the Integrity campus.  We will have an Integrity First Impressions team member helping out in this Conference Center area.
– We will have coffee from our friends at ConVerge Café and Coffee Bar available in the front of the  Conference Center on a self-service basis.  We encourage you to enjoy as we look forward to the late-summer opening of ConVerge on Integrity in our conference center space!

Facilities Cleaning

 – Our cleaning contractor, Jan-Pro Services, has been wonderful to work with during this time.  In preparation for weekend services, they will be mopping all of our hard surface floors with special disinfectants prior to Sunday services.
– Please know that Jan-Pro, on a weekly basis, disinfects door handles and knobs, light switches, toilet handles and many other fixtures that are subject to touch.
– For this and subsequent weekends Jan-Pro will be applying EnviroShield, a monthly preventative disinfecting process, on all of our surfaces.  This application kills 99.9% of all germs, and provides a protective germicidal coating.  It is applied monthly.  For more info about EnviroShield, you can watch this video.  https://youtu.be/f9lB3NkBWi0 
– Our worship center, children’s ministry areas and conference center will all be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between the 9:00am and 10:45am services. Our elders, Music team, First impressions team members, and Children’s ministry workers will be wiping down all chairs, door handles,  bathroom and table surfaces in their respective areas between services.   In order to allow for time for this, we will wait to admit second service attenders into these areas after this cleaning and disinfecting has been completed.
– Note:  See additional protocols in section on Children’s Ministries

Online Viewing & Remote On-Campus Viewing

If you’re not ready to return to the Integrity campus, for whatever reason, here are points of interest for your viewing of the Integrity services.  We will try to provide an authentic and familiar worship center experience for those who cannot be with us…..

…. by providing live streaming of both Sunday morning services on YouTube and Facebook
…. by providing song lyrics and sermon notes/verses/points on screen during the service.
….by providing rolling announcements via the live stream feed before services.  Make sure you tune in at 8:50 (early service) and 10:35 (Second service) to begin watching announcements
…. By providing alternate/satellite locations on campus (Conference center rooms, etc.) during each service to watch the live stream of the service if you would like to worship in a smaller room/group size.  See above under Our Worship Center section.

Personal Protocols

Following are some steps (some that have already been in place) that will help our attendees be responsible in minimizing risk for themselves and for others.
– Face masks will be available in the Welcome Center of the Worship Center.

– Hand Sanitizer stations are in each bay, near the entrances.  Hand sanitizer bottles will also be available in most bays.

– Greeters will greet warmly WITHOUT physical contact.

– First Impressions Team members will be mindful of Physical Distancing as they greet.

– Greeters giving out our paper What’s Up’s will wear gloves.

– We ask that as you visit our rest room facilities, that you wash your hands thoroughly.  In addition, use other opportunities for frequent hand-washing.

Children’s Ministry Areas

 Here are a few of the Guidelines for our Children’s ministries.  As previously noted, the list will likely expand as we approach the weekend. 

Temperature checks will be done in each area upon the child registering for the day. Name tags will be marked to show that temperature has been taken.  These checks will be administered by certified healthcare professionals, with infrared thermometers.

–  We will be removing/rotating and sanitizing toys and surface areas before and between the Sunday morning services. 

– Accordingly, we will be closing each of our Children’s Ministry bays between services for a brief period of time so we can do this sanitization work.  We ask that if your child is in first service, you pick them up promptly.  We also ask that if you are dropping off your child for second service, please be understanding that this process may take a few minutes. 

Actions will be taken to set the appropriate distancing and spacing between our children while they are in the Children’s Ministry bays.

We are asking that no food be consumed in the children’s areas during our service times. We will allow for personal juice cups, but we are asking that they are well labeled, so they can be kept in a designated area. 

Hard surfaces, such as tables, in the classrooms will be limited to minimize the number of contact points. As such, we will be removing some table top surfaces.