Last month, during Veterans Day weekend, Integrity’s Student ministry was privileged to host YouthQuest from Liberty University for the weekend. YouthQuest is a very talented team of Liberty students that travels to churches, spending time with high school and middle school students in weekend experiences, teaching in small and large groups, and providing exceptional musical worship. The YouthQuest experience is built around what we like to call a ‘Student Discipleship Weekend’.


Throughout the weekend the students studied through the book of Habakkuk, learning about surrendering all aspects of their lives to Jesus. And of course our students enjoyed deepening their relationships with each other . The Integrity students were able to experience wonderful times of fellowship and unity, playing different games, hanging out in Integrity host homes, and eating a bunch of great meals all together.


We want to give a big shout out to all those who made the YouthQuest weekend a real success – our volunteer leaders (Thanks Savannah and Auburn!), our cooks (Thanks Krystjan, Holly and Billy, Bob and their small group!), our host homes (Thanks Cromptons, Palmers, Edigers, Comptons, Milroys, Jones, Klischers, and Chathams), and tech support (Thanks Brian!)


We all loved the YouthQuest Discipleship Weekend! We’re really excited about YouthQuest returning next year!