It never ceases to amaze me just how far people will go to try to discredit Jesus. I believe that today we see such hostility toward following Jesus, because of the high standard this lifestyle calls us to – adherence and obedience to a fairly rigorous set of moral standards. The unpopular tenets of Christianity include self-denial, sacrifice, submission to a Higher Power, etc. Opponents of this lifestyle will latch on to nearly any idea, movement or philosophy that may oppose Christianity.


These tenets of genuine Christianity run counter to the natural human desires around, particularly, issues of greed, consumption, and sexuality. For example, to….
a) have whatever we want when we want it,
b) get a cheap sexual thrill,
c) put whatever we want in our bodies, particularly that which gives us a buzz, relaxes us and/or alters our sense of reality,
d) because we’re dissatisfied with how God created us, pretend to change our identity, and even our gender…


These things cause us to set aside the standards that Christ calls us to in order to justify that behavior that fulfills what WE want to do.


So therefore, we try to bend, or even invalidate the standards of Christianity so we can satisfy those natural desires that we have.

Again, for example…

a) The radical environmentalist claims that it is the earth, and not the Creator, that is to be revered.
b) Men and women who choose to seek sexual pleasure on their terms will contend that abortion is a right that extends to all – even if it is only to eliminate an inconvenient consequence of their behavior.
c) ‘Progressive’ social engineers contend that in the name of tolerance and freedom of religion, we should respect and even welcome Muslim ‘sharia’ law, while it is offensive and intolerant to have to see the Ten Commandments hung in a courthouse.
d) Feminists stand by silently when men of their own progressive philosophy commit acts of disrespect and exploitation of women, and sharply attack philosophical opponents when they commit those acts.


Or on a more localized basis,
a) The spouse whose marriage is no longer working, rather than seeking help, will justify resorting to affairs and pornography, as a cheap substitute.
b) The average citizen will do all he can to cut corners and avoid the payment of legitimate taxes.
c) To escape the pain or inconvenience of current reality, one attempts to escape that reality through mind-altering means, such as alcohol and drugs, even if it is for just a brief high, like the ‘buzz’. Addictions and economic calamity often follow.
d) In order to keep things simple and on a ‘low commitment’ basis, couples will forego marriage to live together and enjoy the ‘benefits’ of marriage, in spite of the fact that ‘real trust only comes with true commitment’.
e) Deadbeat dads – and moms – jump from job to job to outrun the authorities in order to avoid paying for child support.


Behaviors like these are undertaken by many, in order to make sure they themselves don’t have to submit, or sacrifice, but rather to satisfy their own personal desires.


So, in essence there are many ways to rationalize and justify our behavior – times when we try to reframe our desires so that we can call them TRUTH. The irony is that the continual occurrence of these self-satisfying behaviors demonstrates the need for REDEMPTION – a redemption that comes only through a RESURRECTION!


Understanding the truth behind the greatest event of all time – the Resurrection of Jesus, also means understanding that the Resurrection can never be successfully disputed. This in spite of the greatest of efforts of those who would try to discredit it. (There were just simply too many witnesses to it as it happened – seeing a previously deceased man – Jesus himself – live again, and there have been too many whose lives have been totally changed by the power of the Resurrection.)


So, the most important TRUTH that we could ever grab onto and hold onto – is the ultimate and absolute TRUTH of the RESURRECTION.