Change often comes with challenges, particularly at the outset of the change. You may have noticed this reality at work this past Sunday morning in our church services!

Our church has done a really good job of working over these past few years with our sound system – one we acquired quite a long time ago! Our tech team and other specialists have gotten a lot out of this equipment that God has provided. When the pandemic occurred a few years ago, we went to a livestream platform, and we responded quickly and effectively. Since then, technology has changed, and hosting policies have changed – not so much to the benefit of faith-based organizations. As a result, we had gotten a bit behind in our capabilities. Again, our tech team has been amazing in making our system work during that time. Many of them spend countless hours researching, studying and implementing improvements.

Now, fortunately, God has continued to be generous to us, and has provided for our church an almost entirely new system that overcomes these shortcomings. Also, what we now have will help to enhance our capacity for some time to come.

This past week, our team and the outside vendor worked very hard to install and test all the equipment. This after already having spent lots of time in that research and study on the new system. I’m confident that the team did all it could to get things ready. But we all know, when we change out something that is complex, we can never anticipate everything, and we will discover unanticipated issues when we begin using that something. This past Sunday was THAT ‘WHEN’ for us!

Well, some of those glitches DID take place, and our team took lots of notes and will be back at it this week, to continue to ‘prove in’ the new system. So I just ask that you be patient with us. It will get better, and we’re confident that it will be really good, both live in our Worship Center and through our livestream platforms.

Thanks for understanding, and thanks for the gratitude that you all so often show to our volunteers! Remember also – while Sunday morning is a BIG part of what we do, there is also so much more in the total ministry of Integrity Church.

Have a great week, and we’ll see you next Sunday (if not before) for Week 2 with the New System! God bless!